A loan for every need

The audience of loans has become ever wider, with an offer that is now tailored to every need: from purchasing the car, to weddings, passing through those who do not have guarantors or need to see part of their salary in advance. They can thus be distinguished by type based on the financial need they are going to satisfy.


Loans finalized and not finalized

Loans finalized and not finalized

A first macro division concerns the finalized and non-finalized loans. The latter are in particular personal loans for which a need purpose is not foreseen. The sum is not, in fact, tied to the purchase of particular products or services, but can be used by the applicant in total freedom and without restrictions. A personal loan foresees sums does not exceed 60,000 dollars. Among the non-finalized loans is also the assignment of the fifth. It is a form of loan in which the individual installments (which cannot exceed one fifth of the monthly net salary) are withheld directly from the applicant’s paycheck or pension. This type of loan is suitable for civil servants, private individuals even for a fixed term, and for some time also for pensioners.

Looking instead to the finalized financing, we have the home loan that allows you to request sums for the purchase of furnishings, the maintenance or renovation of the house and facilities or the restoration of furniture or furnishings. They do not involve notary fees and can cover the entire amount foreseen. Car loans are also aimed at those who want to buy a car (new or used) or any other type of vehicle, such as a motorcycle. The repayment of the loan can last up to 10 years and the installment is constant. Tailor-made for those who need to get married is the wedding loan which is divided into two types: the personal loan for the wedding which usually has a higher cost than the finalized loan, but allows greater freedom, and the finalized loan for the wedding granted directly by the shopkeeper where a certain service is purchased (for example,


Urgency and consolidation

For a last minute urgency there are then the “payday loans”, payday loans, are a particular form of loan through which a financial company grants a small short-term loan to the applicant and this financing it is then collected on the day the applicant receives the salary. For those with several outstanding loans, however, debt consolidation is recommended: a useful solution to consolidate them at the same institution with a single monthly installment.


Without guarantee


Loans without guarantee and without guarantor are, then, those personal loans tailored to those who cannot offer, as a guarantee, to the bank or the financial provider, a paycheck or a cud or a concrete reference income. Still in the absence of guarantees, there is an unsecured loan, which is a type of loan that is based on a written obligation of the debtor who is liable for his obligations with all his assets, both present and future.


If you are over 60 or a bad payer

If you are over 60 or a bad payer

There are also some financial companies that issue loans to bad payers. But these loans are usually small in size, and have high rates. Lastly, the mortgage loan is a loan reserved for the elderly over 60 who have a property right on a house or residential property. It is guaranteed through a mortgage on the home. In Italy it is an alternative to the bare ownership of the property.


For companies


A final macro typology concerns companies (or loans to businesses or loans to entrepreneurs) which are divided into venture capital loans: equity capital. And credit capital financing: third party capital (such as banks, suppliers, entities).

Simulation of online credit without commitment.

Spin Lender is a brand invented and designed by the European giant Laser (Management and optimization). The catchphrase of Spin Lender is: Quite simply, the credit that suits you!

On this page, we will help you to make a credit simulation on the Spin Lender website, a few minutes of your time will be enough to complete the procedure by successfully completing your simulation and / or your loan request online…

With Spin Lender, you can decide to prepay at any time at no particular cost.

With Spin Lender, you can decide to prepay at any time at no particular cost.

Step 1 : To allow you to make a credit simulation with Spin Lender, in the ” Project loan ” section, you can access it directly by clicking HERE!

Step 2 : First of all, select the type of loan you want, here are the Spin Lender proposals:

  • New vehicle or less than two years old
  • Used vehicle (more than two years)
  • works
  • Other projects

Select one of the four proposals from the drop-down list before continuing.

Select one of the four proposals from the drop-down list before continuing.

Step 3 : Using the pink sliding bar, indicate the amount of the desired consumer loan, you can see that the other information changes according to your amount. (see image above)

Step 4 : Then set the duration and the amount, always using the pink sliders until all the settings suit you perfectly.

Step 5 : On the right, you have the result of your simulation ( see image below ). If you wish to keep a record of your simulation you can print the result of the latter by clicking on the printer icon at the bottom right.

Step 6 : To apply for this credit online, click on the ” Apply for your Spin Lender Project Loan Online ” button. From this moment you will have your answer in principle within 5 minutes by Spin Lender. We specify that the loan request is completely free and without obligation on your part with Spin Lender.

Step 7 : Simply fill in the required information requested and validate. It is important not to be mistaken in entering information about you as this may cancel the agreement in principle.

Congratulations you have done an online credit simulation alone and / or an online loan request from your home!

Tip : To be called free of charge by a Spin Lender advisor, go to this page and an advisor will call you back very quickly.