Settle Loan Financing: Know When It’s Worth It

Find out when it’s worth it and what precautions to take with that decision Here is a question that doesn’t stop: is it worth taking out a loan to pay off financing or a debt? This answer is not simple, but it is usually quite logical, because it will be: it depends.

That’s right, all debt grows on top of interest, and it is based on that you will be able to assess what your best options are.


When it’s worth it


Whenever you have options to pay off financing or debt with a loan and have better interest rates and even better payment terms, this move is worth it.

But, be aware, you are still exchanging one debt for another, that is, your commitment to your financial education must be on the rise.


To escape the revolving credit card

credit card

Credit card revolving, which is when you pay only the minimum and are at the mercy of compound interest (which increases every day over the previous day’s interest), is one of the most expensive interest rates that the consumer can have to afford. The average interest rate for card revolving in Brazil is 352.76% per year and 15% to 20% per month, according to a survey.

But still, this is an average.The same institution made a survey with department store cards and found that this interest can reach 875% per year. Now, with the new revolving rules stipulated by the Cream Bank, the customer can only pay a minimum of 15% of the credit card bill for 1 month.

If in the next account it is not possible to settle the debt, the card-issuing bank must propose a line of financing so that the debt is resolved.


To clear the name

loan finance

In a hurry to get your name off the list of defaulters or bad debtors on the market, taking out a loan to pay off a debt can be a good option.

After negotiation and payment, the institution you owe has around five days to inform you that you are no longer in default and your name must be immediately removed from the registrations.

You must be thinking that if your name is dirty you will not get a loan, right?

Rest assured, even if your name is negative, there are some options like the ones we mentioned before: secured loans are usually less demanding in this regard because you enter a counterpart, such as a property or vehicle.


Get discount to pay

loan finance

The great advantage of paying off debt at once is getting a good discount on the interest you would pay if it took longer.

Who you should want to receive, so the negotiation is important to fulfill the wishes of both parties: yours to get rid of a debt and that of the borrower to have the money returned.

There are times when your debt can be reduced by up to 90%. In this case, the loan is very welcome.


Care when taking a loan to settle debts

settle debts

Even in situations that are worth taking the loan to pay off debts, some precautions are necessary. Check out what to keep an eye on:

Charges and interest rates

Carefully evaluate interest rates and charges on the loan to make sure this is an advantageous deal.

Don’t forget to check the CET – Total Effective Cost of the loan. When you apply for one, you don’t just pay interest. Along with it, there are still charges and other fees that can make the transaction more expensive.

This means that as much as the interest rate seems cheap, the CET can reveal a higher cost than expected.

Installment value

You are considering a loan to pay off debt in search of better payment terms.

It makes no sense to take out a loan to pay off a debt and get worse than before. That is, keep an eye on the new installment that you will commit.

Remember the rule of not committing more than 30% of your monthly income, more than that can become a snowball and make your situation worse.


Scammers are looking for desperate people, looking for quick and easy credit. Be wary of tempting proposals.

Keep an eye on whether the place where you negotiate the loan is registered with the Cream Bank for this and if it is reliable.

Read the contract carefully and be aware of all clauses and commitments.


Alternatives before a loan


Before considering the option of taking out a loan, it is interesting that you try some options. Having a financial organization up to date can help you get out of debt sooner than you think.

Saving money, cutting expenses and investing to make more money are some options. You can also:

  • Seeking extra income to increase sales.
  • Dispose of goods or even things of value that you have at home and do not use often.
  • Use a financial reserve, such as savings and savings.

See how everything has two sides?

You can always evaluate and find the best solution to your problem. Enter the Bom Pra Crédito website and check out these and more options.

Is it possible to get a loan without high interest?

Often, “applying for a loan” the only way to clear your financial life and get your accounts balanced again. A common disadvantage of this type of request, however, is the fact that a good part of the loans is not free: in addition to the amount you pay. effectively uses, you still need to pay an extra amount that comes in the form of interest rates. Because of that, if you need a loan, It is important to look for options with low interest rates. possible

One of the big debts among those who take out a loan if It is possible to get a totally interest-free option. Unless you take money from relatives and friends and they do not cover interest, there is no interest-free loan, but there are options with low interest rates. See the options:


Why are interest charged


When it comes to borrowing money from banks and finance companies, however, it is not a problem. to talk about the totally interest-free loans. This is because when lending money, institutions take a risk that payment may not happen. In addition, there is the so-called opportunity cost: will the financial institution be lending money that he could have invested in some investment and for which he would receive remuneration. Thus, the loan needs to give you a remuneration so that it is worth not to invest the money. Lastly, we need to remember that h inflation and today’s money worth less tomorrow and therefore, its value needs to be “updated”. Thinking about these factors, is it possible to understand why getting an interest-free loan is difficult. Despite this, it is possible to find loans at low or low interest rates, which reduces the total amount to be paid. See below for the main options.


Loans with friends and relatives

Loans with friends and relatives

The best known high-interest loan the one done with relatives and friends. what happens when you he asks for money from someone he knows and, when paying, he pays the same amount asked for. Like loan sharking crime, this ends up being a type of loan that normally free of monthly accruals.


Payroll loan

Is this type of loan usually granted to few people, as civil servants and pensioners or INSS retirees, but are you growing also in the private sector. Some institutions already have work with the option for workers in private companies. With the guarantee of the discount directly on the payroll, the risk of default lower and therefore interest rates tend to be lower than other options.


Online personal credit

Payroll loan

Part of the interest charged by banks and institutions, in general, is due to the fact that they need to pay for a whole structure. In the case of institutions that offer “personal credit” online, this ceases to exist, which reduces costs. The more personalized and rigorous evaluation of credit also increases guarantees for the company and, therefore, decreases interest even more. Good Lenders Credit also evaluated other companies online. In this post, are you provide other options for taking out a high-interest loan.



Both the “refinancing of real estate” and “vehicle” do as well as collateral for the loan. How does the institution guarantee that it will not stay without receiving case you after the installments, the interest charged tends to be even lower than the payroll loan.



H banks, private and private, that offer the use of overdraft without interest charges for 10 to 15 days. This may be an option if you are hoping to receive the salary or some income, for example. But It is important not to exceed the credit deadline because, after the benefit has expired, interest is charged for every day you pay. Did you use the overdraft and, known, the Overdraft one of the most expensive credits in the financial market.


Credit card

Depending on the point of view, the credit card can also be seen as a form of high-interest loan, makes a purchase today and can pay in a few days, without paying fees. But It is important to be very careful when using the credit card. If you fail to pay any invoice or pay the minimum, the chance to curl up in debt big then the most expensive type of credit on the market, with interest rates exceeding 400% per year! Use the card with financial planning, already thinking of ways to save to pay the bill on time.


How to get a high-interest loan

How to get a high-interest loan

What are you for have access to a high-interest loan It is necessary to take some care with the choice of the institution and the credit assessment, which may end up being more rigorous. In this sense, You need to choose the institution that offers the line of credit that best fits your financial needs. For the credit assessment, should you think about settling or, at least, “negotiating debts” to convey security and reliability institution. If that is not possible, then You need to offer an asset as a guarantee so that the financial institution does not lose out if you do not pay the loan the case of refinancing. Do simulations too important, as well as comparing different conditions.

See how to get rid of debt quickly in 7 steps

Have doubts been disturbing your sleep lately? Believe,  Is it possible to quit them faster than you? think. To get rid of the debts, do you? you will need a lot of discipline, focus on the goal and willingness to “cut into the flesh”. Does that mean cutting nodes? the superfluous in the budget, but also items considered essential, because no one will die for giving them up for a while. So, you want to know how to get out of debt quickly? continue reading these 7 steps we have prepared for you. 


Involve the family in the mission

debt loan

Hold a family meeting, expose the problem, ask for suggestions. Always be? someone with a good idea that you hadn’t considered it before. If everyone in the family works, try to distribute responsibility for paying bills. One takes care of the light, another of the water, another of the telephone and so on. Are you? you will see how the bills go down as if by a miracle: whoever pays the electric bill will never leave a light on unnecessarily, whoever pays for the water will cut down on bath time and why? go.


Get rid of high interest

Start with higher interest loans like overdraft and credit card. Inquire with the bank about lines of credit with lower interest rates and exchange an expensive debt. for another with interest? more into account. An example? make a consigned credit to cover the credit card and overdraft, which are the champions of high interest rates. Some employee associations or cooperatives offer special interest loans to members. Find out about your company!


Negotiate terms and ask for discounts

The next step to get rid of doubts? seek out your creditors, ask for discounts and try to renegotiate terms and installments. Creditors can be flexible, especially in the case of old debts and difficult to receive, because for them? It is more advantageous to recover the money in installments and in the long term than not receiving it at all.


Cut expenses

Analyze the household budget with the family and see how many expenses can be cut. You can just give up the gym and go for a walk outdoors in the park. The prefectures of many cities offer gyms in squares and rental bicycles, enjoy! Instead of going out to dinner, invite friends over for a gastronomic evening at home: once a week, someone goes into the kitchen to create different dishes to surprise the crowd. The weekend movie can be at home. The crowd brings wine or beer and everyone watches a good movie together. You do not need to give up leisure, use creativity!


Generate revenue

See in the closets how much is in it unused  more than a year. Separate everything that the family does not need and advertise on sales sites. Or, make a bazaar at home and sell it to friends and acquaintances. Your aunt who is going to travel to a cold place may be in need of exactly that coat she is wearing? cluttering your closet. The advantage for both sides. Making cakes and sweets to sell, giving private lessons or consulting, walking your neighbor’s dog, renting a spare room, h? several ways to generate revenue, many without leaving home. Use your creativity to earn extra money! 


Keep accounts under permanent control

There are “great” apps to track your bills and spending. monitors bank transactions, does financial planning and keeps track of income and expenses directly from the cell phone. An automatic option? the Good Lenders itself. End the excuse that you didn’t know how much you had in the bank before making that impulse purchase.


Have fun going forward

Have fun going forward

After,  he discovered how to get rid of his debts quickly and regained control of his budget, one last recommendation: learn the lesson and do not go into the red again. Nothing better than to put your head on the pillow and sleep peacefully without worrying about debts. And don’t forget to share our post on your social networks. Other people interested in getting rid of debts will also enjoy reading! 

How to get a loan without guarantors?



There are many situations in which money is needed quickly, for example, a breakdown of a washing machine or an aggravated illness that requires immediate treatment. But not always there is a deferred funds on the card or in cash. So where to get an urgent loan without guarantors? The first thing you remember is about the bank. But not so simple. If you are not officially employed, still a student or a pensioner, then the chances that you will be given a loan without guarantors are greatly reduced. The bank requires a package of documents that are difficult to collect in one or two days. Be prepared to be asked to provide guarantor contacts.

But what if the time or state of health does not allow you to go to institutions and collect all the necessary documents? After you provide the bank with everything you need, it can take a week to decide whether to give you a loan or not.

Where to get and get a loan without a guarantor?

Where to get and get a loan without a guarantor?

If there is no one to vouch for you or you do not want to bring any of your relatives and friends, then contact the MFI. You can take a credit online to a card without a guarantor quickly, easily and safely.

You need to take two simple steps:

Step 1. Go to the official website and register your personal account.

Step 2. Fill out a short form. In the questionnaire you indicate the data of your passport and identification code. You do not have to worry about confidentiality; personal data is not transferred to third parties.

Immediately after completing the application, the manager will call you back to clarify the information on the questionnaire. In total, within 15 minutes after submitting the application, you will receive a decision. Money will come to your bank card and all without guarantors. You can repay the loan in any way convenient for you.

Why is it convenient to take a loan without guarantors?

Why is it convenient to take a loan without guarantors?

The cache knows how important it is to take and get a loan quickly without guarantors, without unnecessary bureaucracy and questions. Therefore, it offers favorable and transparent conditions.

    1. Credit to anyone! The cache doesn’t matter what profession you have, whether you have formal employment or are you temporarily unemployed. A loan without guarantors can be taken by both a student and a pensioner. You will not be asked for certificates and bank statements that confirm your solvency.
    2. Lack of information. In order to get a loan without guarantors, there is no need to spend time collecting certificates from the place of work, bank statements and so on. All documents that you need are a passport of a citizen of Ukraine and an identification code. Remember, lender only gives loans to those who are over 18 years old.
    3. Money on the card. To apply for a loan without guarantors, you do not even need to leave the walls of an apartment or office. The entire application process is executed online. You only need to register on your cache’s website and fill out a short profile. The application will be processed in just 15 minutes. A manager will contact you to clarify questions on the application. You will receive money on the bank card indicated on the questionnaire.
    4. Transparent interest. So that you can immediately calculate the interest on the loan, the site provides a simple calculator. With it, you can see how much you will need to pay if you take a certain amount for a specific period on credit without guarantors. Everything is simple and transparent, there are no hidden commissions.
    5. Prolongation. If you do not have time to pay the loan on time, then this is not a cause for concern. You can extend the repayment term yourself. To do this, go to the appropriate section in your account.

Lender gives you the opportunity to take out a loan without unnecessary questions and without guarantors. Only 15 minutes and the funds are already on your debit or credit card. Getting a loan online without guarantors at Cash is so easy!

Loan calculator online in Ukraine

The loan calculator allows you to quickly calculate the loan amount, taking into account the real interest rate and commissions. All the client needs to do is enter the data and get the result. We will figure out how to do this.

You can calculate the loan amount online right away on the Good Credit website, where the online loan calculator serves both to fill out an application and to calculate the overpayment.

You can calculate the overpayment, taking into account the interest, simply by specifying the loan amount and term. The online results will be displayed immediately. This is convenient since you do not need to apply special formulas and substitute data, wasting time.

How much do you need? largeNew_main up to 12 000 USD Available amount grows with every loan Choose loan term up to 30 days You can extend the loan from your personal account The selected repayment date falls on a weekend before (sat) -50% on the first loan Rate – 1.6%

How to calculate loan repayments online?


Calculating loan interest on Nora Helmer is easy. Move the cursor to the desired value in each of the fields, select:

  • The amount you are going to take;
  • The term for which the transaction will be executed.

The amount to be refunded is displayed in the “Information and Credit”.

Example of calculating the loan amount and interest payable


Overpayment on a loan is calculated automatically and is displayed taking into account all charges. For example, a client wants to get 1000 USD for 10 days. In the “To Refund” field, the result will be displayed: USD 1050 (amount of debt) and the contract expiration date. Payment (amount) is not indicated since the client can repay the debt in different parts or in one payment on the transaction end date.

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How much do you need? Up to 12 000 USD Available amount grows with every loan Choose loan term up to 30 days You can extend the loan from your personal account The selected repayment date falls on a weekend before (sat) -50% on the first loan Rate – 1.6%